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Since 2012, we provide international organizations with best multilingual solutions to help them reach their global audience with affordable services. African Languages Translation is a full-service language company, offering a wide range of language services, such as translation, editing, transcription, localization, subtitling, and phone interpreting to corporate end-clients and companies across the globe.

About Us

AFRICAN LANGUAGES TRANSLATION is a language service provider with years of experience and credibility in translation, editing, localization, transcription, subtitling, voice-over and interpreting. Our company has  now 10 successful years in the translation business. Within the last 5 years we completed hundreds of projects handled by qualified project managers who can deal with different types of projects. 

Moreover, we have 24/7 availability to meet our valued clients’ needs.

About 50 native and professional translators throughout Africa build a team to meet our global customers demands. When it comes to pricing, We can offer the best and most competitive rates in the market and we care too much about our clients satisfaction.

Translation, Localization and Editing

  • At African Languages Translation we strive to provide high quality and fast deliveries at the most competitive rates in the industry. Our passionate and dedicated linguists possess a vast translation experience in a wide range of content types.
    We fully understand that your projects need to be handled by professionals and that is the reason why we make sure each of our translators is specialized in one of the following fields : Legal, IT, Medical, Marketing and Business, Finance and more. In addition to translation, we can assist with Editing, Proofreading, LQA, MPT, localization etc...

Phone Interpreting/OPI

  • Communication is not limited to translation and that the language barriers challenges require us to go much further than simple document translations.
    This is why we are partnering with pool of native and experienced interpreters from a variety of professional background to meet your interpreting needs. So, you are at the right place whether you need assistance communicating with a hospital patient, an emergency service provider or even a business partner.

Transcription and Subtitling

  • We are available to address your multimedia needs by helping you turn any audio or video in clear text for their convenience. We provide human-verified transcripts by native and subject matter experts in more than 50 african languages. We are committed to meet our customers needs by offering accurate and world quality transcription and subtitling services . If you are interested in any African language transcription services, subtitle translations or voice over requests, please feel free to get in touch. We are here to make your multilingual transcription services an easy experience.

Multiservices solutions
for global businesses

Our team of professional translators, ensure project success no matter the field of expertise, volume of work and turnaround.

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Souleymane Ba is experienced, dedicated and always ready to go extra mile to get your job done.
@Svetlana Ball
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Souleymane completed two large projects for us. He delivered the translated files on time and was available during the proofreading/editing phase. We were very happy with his work.
@Shikeb Shirazi
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Responsible, accurate and reliable resource!
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Excellent communication and diligent work return and commitment.
@Patrick Muriithi Nyawira
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Souleymane is a great colleague, quite deliveries and prompt responses.
@Trans World
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Souleymane carried out a translation into Soninke for us. He was very efficient and answered any queries quickly. Would recommend.

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  3. We send you the quote by email for free.

You will need to follow the following process to submit your project :

Step 1 : Service type: Pick the type of service you are interested in.
Step 2 : Languages selection: Specify your source (“from”) and target (“to”) languages.
Step 3 : Define field of expertise. Here, you will need to describe the content of your document. For instance, it contains medical terms, a Medical Ezpert Translator would need to handle such a file, as others may not be experienced.
Step 4 : Upload Material: Upload the file/document you need translated, or simply type the text in “Type here” box. You might need to provide details about the word count.
Step 5 : Project details: you might provide the translator with notes and instructions in this section.

Once you are done with all the steps and click” Review Your Order”, you can email us for pricing and payment purposes.

To ensure your documents meet the confidentiality requirements, we will make sure that the content of both your emails and attachments are not disclosed to anyone else. They will be accessed and used by our team only.

Acholi, Adangme, Afar, Afrikaans, Akan, Amharic, Anyuak, Arabic, Aramaic, Aringa, Ateso, Bambara, Bamileke, Banda, Bantu, Bari, Baoule, Bassa, Berber, Bemba, Chewa/Chichewa, Dagbani, Dan, Djerma / Zarma, Dinka,Diola, Duala, Efik, Edo, Kisii, Ewe, Ewondo, Fang, Fante/Fanti, Fon, French, Fulah, Fulani, Fulfulde, Ga, Ganda, Hausa, Herero, Igbo, Iloko,Jula/Dioula, Kakwa,Kabyle, Kanuri, Kassauonke, Kikongo, Kikuyu, Kinyarwanda, Kirundi, Kiswahili, Kituba, Kpelle, Krio, Kunama, kuanyama, Lingala, Loma, Lozi, Luba-Kasai, Luganda, Lunda, Maasai,Luba-Katanga, Maay, Malagasy, Mandingo, Mandinka,Mbunda/Kimbundu, Mende, Meru, Mossi/Mòoré, Portuguese (Angola, Mozambique), Masai,Mauritian Creole, Mina, Nigeria Pidgin, Ndebele, Nyanja, Nyankole, Nuer, Nyanja, Nyamwezi, Nyungwe, Oromo, Pidgin, Pulaar/Peul, Ronga, Rundi, Runyankole, Runyoro,Sangho, Sarahule, Sepedi, Sesetho, Serere, Shona, Somali, Songhai, Songhrai / Sonrai, Soninke, Sotho, Susu, Swahili, Swati,Tamasheq,Temne,Tigre, Tigrinya, Toma,Tsonga, Tshiluba,Tsonga,Tswana, Tumbuka, Twi, Umbundu, Venda, Wolof, Xhosa,Yoruba, Zarma, Zulu and many more not listed here.

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